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3 sided shed for a winter home

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3 sided shed for a winter home

Just bought a small 5 acre tree lot and I am getting my first two hives from a beekeeper who is moving out of the area (northern Illinois). The hives seem to be full and ready for winter, and I am debating where I am going to put them. I have an old three sided shed that is open to the south. I am thinking about putting them in there for the winter, possibility with a clear tarp over the open end. Is this a good idea? Should I winterize in a different way?

Edit: thanks for the feedback. looks like the tarp on front is a no go, but H about a snow fence to keep the blowing snow out? It’s open field around it so lots of drifting happens around here. Any covering of the actual hives themselves? Bails of hay? Or am I making this more complicated than it needs to bee? (Sorry for the pun I couldn’t help myself)

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