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2nd year results

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2nd year results

I’m in Minnesota, this is my second year keeping bees. The first year, I got a grand total of about 2lbs of honey.

This year, we had a number of setbacks. We had to move our hives twice. Our strongest hive was poisoned, killing 80% of the hive, including the queen. We killed all the queen cups in 2 hives, not realizing they’d both already swarmed

And in the end, we got about 40lbs of honey. I think there was another ~10lbs in with the wax callings, but we weren’t really setup to try to separate it, something to work toward next year.

We now have 3 very healthy hives, including the poisoned hive. Requeened it, and I think it’s at a good spot for the winter. We do have a 4th hive that I don’t think will likely survive the winter, but we’ll do what we can to try to get it there.

Learned some lessons, got some honey.

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