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2nd Year Beekeeper seeking advice on swarmed hive.

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2nd Year Beekeeper seeking advice on swarmed hive.

Hello /r/beekeeping!

I am in my 2nd year as a beekeeper in northern colorado, with Italian honeybees, somewhat struggling to find the right advice for the situation of my hive(s).

May 25th my orginal hive swarmed (intentionally to learn, make my mistakes now, etc) and I captured that swarm. I believe this was a very late swarm and the queen cells were capped 3-5 days previous due to cloudy/bad weather. They are doing just dandy and all is well in that hive, not producing as much as I'd expect.

However my question lays with the original hive. They have swarmed once ~ 10 days ago and post inspection of the swarm there was ~7-8 opened queen cells. I just inspected this hive yesterday to check on if the hive was queen-right, and found no evidence of a queen in the hive. The bees temperament was extremely aggressive and I didn't fully investigate every frame in the hive due to having 20+ bees swarming my face.

Is there a chance this hive still has an un-mated queen in it? Is there anyway to know this? (aside from the timing being about the mating flight timings)

When is the latest in the time frame of when/if the queen can possibly mate? My backup plan is to give the queen less hive a frame of fresh eggs from the old queen to let the bees grow a new queen. So I am trying to plan when to do this.

Hopefully this is enough information to make some sort of discussion about this. I appreciate anyone who gives any advice on this, I can only watch and read so much resources… I don't have any contacts many good beekeepers to get knowledge from on this. thank you!

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