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Pollen Scarcity Method (WORKING 2022)

🐝‼️NEW FOUND SOLUTION to POLLEN SCARCITY‼️🐝 Good evening fellow bee men and bee women. Today I read a very informative article about bumble bees which I wanted to share with everyone. The article I read today focused on how bumble bees respond to pollen scarcity. If your concerned about your honey production because of a…
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How long does sugar syrup last?

Can you make it days in advance and store it? What is the best way to do so? submitted by /u/Fun-Dentist-2231 [link] [comments]

What to feed a carpenter bee?

My husband rescued a Carpenter bee that was flapping but couldnt get off the ground. He scooped it up and all day is been active but can't fly. Wings don't appear damaged but maybe just too weak? Anyways he temporarily gave it sugar water but appears nectar or honey might be better. What can I…
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The beekeeping landscape, in winter 🥶🥶🥶

submitted by /u/d3veg [link] [comments]

Can I use this butterfly house as a bee hotel?

submitted by /u/scentofsyrup [link] [comments]

Screened vs. solid bottom boards

I used solid bottom boards last year, but I’m planning to get a screened ones for this season, mostly for the extra mite control it adds, but also for the airflow. I plan on going back to solid boards for overwintering. Does anyone have recommendations on when it is warm enough to install the screened…
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Action at the swarm trap! Been like this since yesterday

submitted by /u/Bookislovakia [link] [comments]

Dispatching a hot queen.

Harder than dispatching a meat chicken is dispatching a big healthy queen bee that heads a way too aggressive hive. Bummed out 😞 submitted by /u/senoeki [link] [comments]

A-List of the Best Beekeeping Courses For Beginners in 2022

I have made this collection of top beekeeping tutorials for beginners who want to learn about conventional frame hive beekeeping, top bar beekeeping, etc. submitted by /u/dev2049 [link] [comments]

Weird Swarm Trap Lure which East Indians use with near 100% capture rate

This might be controversial, so patience is required on the part of the reader. I've been traveling in India and in the northern part of India where the climate is temperate, I've found the tribal people build beehives using a mix of grass fed cow dung and clay mix. Recipe: 3 parts cow dung grass…
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