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Help! How to treat agressive hive

Background: country Mozambique. End of rain season going into dry season. Day temp around +30 Celcius. I have three hives, one is agressive, two are normal. You can’t buy queens in this contry. I need advice how to treat my agressive hive. They attack neighbours, my wife and my worker can’t cut the grass without…
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What I did while the hazelnuts are flowring – the first scheduled procedure of the year. My attempt at a “Show and Tell”-style post.

I enjoy this Sub, but what I miss are introductions of and discussions about systems, methods of operation and the “Show and Tell”-style posts. The best way to start something is to do something and if my gibbering sparks interest maybe I’ll write another one. Please whenever I butcher the English language, don’t hesitate to…
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Honey from October and February. So fascinating! Mozambique.

submitted by /u/Perperre42 [link] [comments]

In need of some bees

Is there anybody in the Fort Worth Dallas area looking to sell a hive or two I’m trying to add bees into my farming operation submitted by /u/Huntercoomer4 [link] [comments]

Swarm trap etiquette

Is it considered bad form to set traps near someone else’s apiary? There’s a small urban community farm near my house that backs up to a small woods/creek separated by a chain link fence. With the bees being there already and all the flowering plants, trees, water, I’m thinking this would be the perfect place…
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Apimaye vs Wooden 10 frame?

First off I'm a amateur and had one hive that perished this winter due to my failure to feed them. This year I was planning on getting a 5 frame nuc from a local keeper and restarting my wooden 10 frame from last year. One thing that I also wanted to try is placing a…
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Unoccupied super [advice needed]

I used to have three levels, but when I was doing my hive inspection today, I noticed that the super was totally empty; even the second level was mostly empty. So I removed the super and set it down next to the hive. Was this the right thing to do? submitted by /u/charliefreundlich…
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What’s on the foundation?

I live in Atlanta and I lost one of my two hives last summer to small hive beetles (although at the very end if its life there were some wax moths too). I took everything apart, scraped off the foundations and frames and stuck them in the freezer for 4-5d. I stored them during the…
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