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Do bees respond negatively to human scents and hormones ?

So I checked my hive to verify they didn’t need an emergency feeding. First time the hive had been opened since late October. When I lifted the lid I was swarmed immediately….the bees were very aggressive. I had been playing basketball for about 3 hours and was really sweaty. Do human hormones or smells provoke…
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Foraging Honeybee III [OC]

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Hey beginner beekeeper here at what point should I open up this gate?

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Bee removal 6 of 2022 – Tree trunk

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20 pounds of beeswax turned into 500 tealight candles!

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Blain’s farm and fleet Bee Supplier

I'm looking to purchase my bees for the upcoming season. Is Blain's farm and fleet a good supplier of live bees? They go through Kelly Beekeeping I believe. If it helps I'm living in Wisconsin. submitted by /u/watersmash [link] [comments]

Mid-winter drone

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