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One hive and supersedure cell

First year beekeeper here, I got a hive about half a year ago. Found a supersedure cell and no evidence of a queen for two weeks straight. Will the colony be able to raise a fertile queen without other nearby hive? submitted by /u/PlacidDimension [link] [comments]

Catching a bee swarm in an old wine barrel!

submitted by /u/gregthegregest2 [link] [comments]

Can any oxalic acid be used for varroa mite treatment

It looks like we need to perform a oxalic vapor treatment one one of hives. Will any oxalic acid, providing it's 99% pure, be used? The oxalic acids on beekeeper products websites are in short supply, but I found a company in Florida that manufactures it for a good price Thanks in advance 🐝 …
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Are there any cons to painting my bee box?

I just got one for Christmas that I'm going to set up in the spring! submitted by /u/Ginger_Spinner [link] [comments]

Plants and Pollinators use Electric Fields

  Plants and pollinators use electric fields to find each other By James Ashworth   Hoverflies have been shown to be able to sense the weak electric fields of plants. Pollinators and flowers attract can each other with electric fields to maximize the benefits for both, researchers have found. Some insects, such as hoverflies, are…
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Marine wood any good?

A buddy of mine is willing to give me marine wood to use to construct top bar hives. Would like to throw the question to beekeeping experts out there if it's any good? ​ ​ https://imgur.com/a/7ea7fFy submitted by /u/b333ppp [link] [comments]

Who are your publicly available go-to sources of information?

I am prepping to teach a segment at our upcoming bee school and one of the things I want to share is good sources of beekeeping info because the sheer amount of info out there is overwhelming. I was told early in my journey that I couldn’t go wrong with following academics like Keith Delaplane…
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Ways to Boost Bee-Friendly Practices

Editor: Kelly Sprute                                                                                      October 6, 2021 Making a Difference Honey bee on an almond…
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Help with Jarred Honey – foaming

I put honey in mason jars earlier this year (mason jars with plastic screw on lids). It crystallizes, which is common, but a few of the jars leaked which is odd. The crystallization looked stratified as well which isn't common. When I heated it in water and de-crystallized it, there was a bit of foam…
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