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Interview a BeeKeeper!

Hey everyone, I’m a current college student taking a honey bee biology course and have an assignment due in a few days regarding interviewing a beekeeper! My local one has cancels twice now and this project is a big portion of my grade. I was hoping to get some help from the community! I have…
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Florida bee research license plate!

submitted by /u/schizeckinosy [link] [comments]

Change out frames in honey super?

We had new hives last year and got a bit of honey from them; they started with a clean honey super. This year, do I need to put in empty frames before the nectar flow so when I harvest, it will be all honey, not sugar water left over from the winter stores? submitted…
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"Open" Dry sugar or Pollen feeder from a 5 gallon Bucket

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9obYdBKstw submitted by /u/druidjax [link] [comments]

Favorite bee instagram pages?

What pages do you like to follow, either for educational content or just enjoyable bee posts? I find a lot of what I would call “spam” bee content on Instagram and would love to know some great accounts to check out. submitted by /u/Fun-Dentist-2231 [link] [comments]

What size extractor for 1 beehive with 10 frames?

Hi my dads in Australia and just very recently got his first beehive. He needs an extractor and I want to get him one for Christmas, he suggested a 2 or 3 frame extractor. I’m thinking of getting the 3 frame one but I’m not sure if that’s overkill because I read online that a…
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A Place for My Honey House

A Bee Driven Mid-Life Crisis, Part 5 By: James Masucci Have you ever juggled? You can’t just focus on one ball; you must keep an eye on the whole bunch of them. Seems like you can never spend enough time on one because the next one is always falling. Well, this seems to be my…
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Gumball Machines and Wildflower Seeds

  How a German gardener is using old gumball machines to revitalize bee habitats   Sebastian Everding, a self-proclaimed “lobbyist for bees,” has wildflower seeds flowing across Germany, The 130th bee vending machine, this one in Dresden, Germany. (M. Uhl)   By Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff   BERLIN — It started with a joke. In spring 2019, eco-gardener…
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Question about bees and light.

Hi, I'm a light designer that knows little about bees. I'm currently creating a light plan for a roof terrace that has bee hives in a corner and recreational areas on the rest of the terrace. So my question is, is there a light temperature that will be less disruptive to the bees if it's…
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