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Gifts for a beekeeper

I was hoping people here could give me some ideas what would make a good gift for a beekeeper. I'm looking to buy a friend a birthday gift and the last couple of years they've really dove into beekeeping. They're already decently kitted out for production (has their own sling, suit, multiple hives, and is…
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Thoughts on Guga’s Manuka honey ?

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Have you ever seen such thick layers of propolis over comb?

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Bee Party

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Quick question about apivar

I didn’t pull any honey from my bees this year (I let them have it all, it was my first year bee keeping and it was awesome) My question is, I have a brood box and a deep honey super FULLLL of honey that I’m gonna let them have. Can I put apivar in the…
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Getting the bees to take super honey down into the brood box?

Hello! I'm a first year beekeeper and trying to figure out how to best prepare my hive for the winter. Apologies in advance if this question is dumb, I've been reading all day and mostly ended up with more questions than answers 🙂 I have a honey super on top of one deep box, and…
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