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Varroa mite infestation makes bees more likely to sting

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A little bee humor

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When should you add a second brood box?

I’ve got a hive that’s going really strong and is full of brood. When is the best time to add a second brood box? Is it too late in the season? What are your thoughts on single brood vs double? My main goal is to get them through the winter strong and healthy, but I’d…
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The west side of Ann Arbor is a very bee friendly neighborhood

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🐝📹HiveCam4K! HUGE swarm of busy honeybees in Full HD‼️🆕🌻🍯

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Northern hemisphere, too late to draw frames?

As the title says, I’m wondering if it’s too late for a hive to draw frames out. I have two hives, each in double deeps, and one is short about four drawn frames. This one is currently about 13 frames covered with bees and declining as we move into fall. It has a total of…
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Brood in honey super and I need to pull it off

I have a honey super (medium) on one hive, with two deeps below it. The lovely queen decided to wander up and lay eggs on both sides of one frame, a small area (like a quarter of the frame). I need to pull the super but every time I peek there is larvae in various…
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