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Had a Great Day at Skyler’s Bee Yard

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Polinating my Tangelo tree

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I have a bee keeper friend and i want to get them a bee keeping tactical gift they can utilize

My friend has 3 langthropf hives or whatever they are called, hive is quite young as i think it was nuked or whatever the term is about a month ago what was something that could have been really handy when you folks started out with the bees I want it to be useful to their…
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CATCH THE BUZZ – BIP Sentinel Apiary Program

How can beekeepers impact honey bee health research?   Since 2015, Bee Informed Partnership’s Sentinel Apiary Program has collected invaluable data that helps researchers answer questions that require access to honey bee colonies from multiple regions of the US. The program teams up with citizen scientist beekeepers across the country in an effort to collect seasonal…
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10 Beekeeping Jobs For April. Beekeepers Diary

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