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A Honey Bee on corona virus :)

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Can you apply Oxalix Acid + Glycerol strips in the hive in the first week of February?

Hello, We are expecting 5 warm days with day temperatures 55+ F (12+ C) and night temps 35+ F (2+ C). Planning on opening the hive on Feb 5th to add a pound of 3% protein pattie and I was thinking about early treatment with the Aluen Cap formulation (10 gr OA + 10 ml…
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Have an interest in bees, but react poorly to hymenopteran stings. Is it infeasible to consider getting into bees at some point in the future?

I live in a rural area and have had significant involvement in agriculture for a long time, but at no point have I (or really anyone near me) kept or dabbled in apiculture. The concept seemed intriguing to me after I first got some insight into it through CodysLab videos, but a couple of factors…
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Hand painted artistic bee boxes

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Any beekeepers in the Fullerton/Anaheim, CA area looking for an apprentice/intern?

I’m looking to learn under a master beekeeper. I would like to be making minimum wage if working full time, or work part time to allow me to find another job to support myself. I live in Fullerton and cannot travel beyond a daily commute. I don’t have any experience with bees, but I have…
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Complete beginner

I'm a complete beginner, have just joined a local club but there's no courses etc planned due to covid. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good beginner material, have any good advice etc Also do people think it's possible to get a small hive and some Bees this year or wait for…
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How should I start off?

Hi! I want to become a full time beekeeper- and I know it will take tons of work, energy and time. How should I start off? I have watched BeeKeeping Made simple/ BeehappyHawaii's videos (haven't finished all of them). I'm wondering if there is some apprenticeship or as such I could go through? (I'm in…
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Bumblebees to polinate small greenhouse

Dear Beekeepers, I want to polinate my small indoor greenhouse filled with strawberries. My idea was to set up a small beehive with bumblebees in a contained environment. However, the problem is that my greenhouse uses artificial lighting and is very small (2 x 2 x 2 feet). The bees won’t have access to the…
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