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I have to stop this amazing hobby

I haven’t been keeping bees for long. I’ve found it absolutely fascinating. As everyone does, I’ve gotten some stings. They’ve gotten progressively worse, as in my reaction to them. Most recently, I got a sting that seemed normal enough. Then I woke up a week later with half of my face swollen and one eye…
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Never thought I’d be a bee keeper, but I could use any advice you can give.

My brother got me an my dad beehives for Christmas. We are in the Midwest, so I have time to do some research. I’ll be starting in spring, but I have never even considered this. Can anyone give me a bee keeping 101, or just give me things to think about? The only experience I…
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Migration tips, please!!

Discovered some bee activity at the wall/roof junction yesterday, so did what I thought was the responsible thing and invested in a box hive. Can I get some tips in encouraging them to migrate? I've put some honey on each of the frames and the entrance and placed it as close as possible to their…
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How to start beekeeping at home?

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How to make candy protein dough

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Dead hive with lavender-colored bloom on comb. What is it?

First post, so apologies for doing it wrong. About 8 months into my first hive it died in November. I was sad and delayed opening up the hive until last week, so it sat outside in Oregon early winter for six weeks (damp, 40 degrees F). When I opened it up I found a couple…
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Is it inevitable that my bees will drink from the neighbor’s pool?

I plan on putting out a source of water near their hive, but I feel like the bees may turn their noses up at it in favor of the neighbor's pool. Unfortunately the only place I can put the hive is relatively close to the neighbor's pool and I know they won't be happy if…
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