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Month: November 2020

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Need help for a Math Project!

I have a simple question during peak summer months around what percentage of the total hive is foragers? This is assuming a healthy population in a moderate climate. submitted by /u/lillcouch [link] [comments]

Urgent bee help

Hi guys It’s currently 40°C (104F) here in Australia and just found a few bees collapsed in the heat. They’re moving but keep falling on their backs. I’ve given them a bit of sugar water but they don’t seem to be drinking it. Is there anything else I can do? submitted by /u/newyearnewcakeday…
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Commercial bee packages

How would I go about contacting commercial beekeepers that sell packages? I live in NC and would like to buy around 100-150 3 lb packages in the spring. Any info would be great. submitted by /u/Foodtodirt [link] [comments]

A tree that blooms in the fall and bees bring pollen in abundance

submitted by /u/ANAWRI1996 [link] [comments]

Hives in Autumm – South of Portugal

Hi, Bees collecting nectar from Strawberry trees in the South of Portugal, 16º Celsius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7-bwigb5Ek&feature=youtu.be submitted by /u/jmpl8 [link] [comments]

Recommending max mite count going into winter?

Just did an end of season mite check, we’re going to start staying below freezing at night with daytime temps in the 40s. It was an alcohol wash and only 2 mites. Do you think I’m good going into winter? Or should I do an OA drip? I’m not sure if it’s too cold for…
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