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Storing used frames without built comb

I used a medium super and frames as an expansion super during my Formic Pro treatment, now that I have it down, how do I properly store it? The bees never drew comb in these supers, but left their signature propolis. How should I store these semi-used frames? Stacked in my shed? Or, freeze every…
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Bears and bees

I know there are quite a few posts about the use of electric fences to help protect hives from bears, but I have a slightly different question. My question is, if I were to start a very small hive, would it require an electric fence to protect from bears or are they only attracted to…
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Confused and scared about new queen cells…

Hey all. Eleven days ago I posted about a broken comb mishap with my TBH and sought advice on trying to fix it. With all of the offered advice and a little googling, I did my best to reattach the broken comb and felt pretty successful. Fast forward to this afternoon when I popped into…
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Found a lethargic bee earlier, gave her manuka honey. Did I do the right thing?

She totally perked up after being fed. She seemed really weak and could barely climb on the spoon. She ate a tiny bit at first. Then after a break she ate a lot more (I was actually surprised such a little creature could eat that much). Then she got off the spoon and did a…
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Killing the drones

So quick question. I know in fall the drones get kicked out of the hive for winter. Today I took some vids of my girls attacking and trying to kill the drones. I did not notice this last year (First hive), this year I walked over to do a quick check without suiting up and…
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🔥 Honey buzzard stealing honey comb

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How to use Apivar To Treat Your Bees For Varroa Mites

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What cost per hive would be worth it to you, personally, for a solution for varroa?

By way of introduction: my father used to keep bees until varroa wiped all of his hives out. For the last few years, since randomly running into a research paper on a different insect problem, I have been trying to come up with a solution by applying that to varroa. I think I just hit…
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