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Native Bee homes. ( butterbutterfly too )

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A walk away split gone awry?

Evening, chaps, I performed a walk away split on my one hive (obtained one hive this year from a fellow, didn’t sell me the second as he felt it wasn’t strong enough and suggested the walk away split), and I’ve had the first inspection of the two hives, and I couldn’t see a queen in…
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Beeswax lotion bars just starting to set up

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Where did you buy your queen and how productive is she?

I need to requeen some swarms with African genetics and I want to diversify the genetics in my apiary. Most of my queens have come from OHB, Lappe’s, or I Iet the colonies raise their own. Please share any experiences with your queens and where they came from. I want the good and the bad.…
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Lost my nuc

Covid cut my beginner beekeeping school short. My nuc was doing great and then I had a hive beetle explosion that they couldn't handle. I don't have room in my freezer so.. What do I do with 15-20 frames that are overrun with beetle larvae? Some have honey (for the time being). I'm not sure…
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Bruces Bees honey harvest

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Possible Bees Nest in the Over Hang of House

We have a bay window in our kitchen with an over hanging roof where my dad replaced the shingles a couple of years ago, and there is a cavity over the windows. There is some kind of a nest up there, but I am not sure if they are bees or yellow jackets. They seem…
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CATCH THE BUZZ – Newfoundland and Labrador Bees are Special

Newfoundland and Labrador bees are special, and the provincial government wants to keep it that way The Telegram Besides producing honey, bees play a key role in the natural environment and agriculture in general through the pollination of plants. – File Photo Legislation introduced to protect honey bees, funding provided for local beekeeping industry Newfoundland…
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