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Beginner overwhelmed by a fast growing colony

Hey guys, I'm a beekeeper since last year and so far I've been loving it, but I would like to ask some advice. Last year in spring I've got my first nuke. The bees have been doing great in a 10- frame box. They survived the winter all fine and this spring they have been…
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dead bees outside hive with proboscis out- what to do?

each AM I am finding dead bees outside hive on the ground with proboscis out- what to do? pretty sure it's from a pesticide or something. submitted by /u/hagemeyp [link] [comments]

Quick question

Hey all! I’ve noticed that one of my capped mason bee tubes has recently been opened up. I’ve also noticed that quite a small (I assume) mason bee is making a new cell inside. What’s up with this? I can provide a picture of most of the abdomen of the presumed bee. submitted by…
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1st year beekeepr question!

This is my first year w/bees, I've been interested in and researching this hobby for a couple years but wasn't able to get my apiary off the ground until this spring. I started w/3 nucs and have picked up 4 swarms so far. Here's my question/scenario: I think my strongest hive lost its queen. I…
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Questions about starting

Sorry if this gets asked a lot, but quickly scrolling through I couldn’t find anything yet. So I have been looking into beekeeping for a while now but have been in the process of moving so I didn’t want to start yet. I’ve finally settled down and I wanted to start next spring. I’m currently…
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A close up look at a hive trying to swarm. Explanation in comments

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Beekeeping suit for children?

My 6 yo son has been asking me to help with beekeeping, but first he'll need a suit. I've looked around only to come across widely mixed reviews. I'm looking for a (new) suit that is of quality and where the measurements actually fit the description (one of the most frequently complaint is the accuracy…
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Should I replace my honey super with a second brood box?

Hi there! I’m a new beekeeper and have a flow hive set up. I recently added my honey super about a month ago, but I’ve been doing some research and I have read that in my climate (zone 8), it is better to have 2 brood boxes rather than one. My question is, should I…
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