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That’s What I Do I Keep Bees Funny Beekeeper

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Kids Bee Suit

I just wanted to see if you all had any suggestions for a child’s bee suit. My son is 11 and he absolutely loves tending to the bees. He is just a little nervous around them and would be more comfortable with a suit. I’ve seen a few on Amazon, but couldn’t really tell about…
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CATCH THE BUZZ – Sizzling Summer Subscription Special

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Green Bee, with pollen pants.

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Bee keeping vs supporting native bees?

I’m new to the hobby/cult, but have some interested friends looking to also get into beekeeping. My (very rookie!) hives are kept with an eye toward helping local ecosystems and bee population in general, not on honey harvest. I’ve heard a few people say that you shouldn’t start a hive (commercially bought) if you have…
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Is this a drone? Italian bees

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Just got my first hive

So I set up my first hive box last night and honestly it all happened so fast for me I feel behind on my knowledge. I Mentioned I wanted to get into bees less than a month ago and now I have them. I was told I needed to feed for a month or two…
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