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2 week old NUC swarmed.

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2 week old NUC swarmed.

Hello Beeks

I’m very new to this. Two weeks in. Two weeks ago I installed a 5 deep Nuc into a 10 deep super (the day I got them). Bees were killing it. Lots of orientation flights. A good amount of nectar on account of 4 large apple trees in blossom. Lots of activity from the hive. Probably 4 sub 50 deg days.

I left them mostly alone for two weeks. Just watched them etc. My wife and I inspected this past Saturday. Here’s what we saw:

Lots of eggs. Lots of larvae. Lots of drones and drone cells at the bottom of the frames. We saw the queen. We saw 1 uncapped swarm cell at the bottom of a broad frame. Smushed it. We noticed new comb being built out on the neighboring foundations but no one foundation was complete or holding anything. Finally lots of nectar and honey.

Today, Monday, the hive swarmed. Queen is in a tree 40 feet up. They are Gods bees now. Inspected a very angry queenless hive got stung for the first time. 5 capped swarm cells (scrapped 3 off. Left 2). Lots of resources for the queenless hive. No laying space. More white wax being built.

Anyways I’m not upset. I’m learning. But I am eager to make the most out of this experience. So why did the Nuc swarmed?

My thoughts. Strong Nuc. Strong nectar flow led to being honey bound, especially on the account of slow foundation build up. Also that to top of broad frames were carrying nectar. So I guess no space made the swarm happen. Am I right here?

What could I have I done to prevent this?

My guess is I should have split on Saturday. And when I installed the strong Nuc in such a strong flow I should have put a foundation in the middle of the Nuc frames to force comb building. What I don’t get is that they were building comb on the top of the frames and below it but weren’t focusing on completing foundations? Idk. Also shouldn’t have fed them.

Am I on track here?

Thank you!

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