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Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, we are David and Sheri Burns hoping that you are your family is have a safe and healthy 2021.

It’s encouraging to see more and more people picking up the hobby of beekeeping in 2021. Being quarantined during the pandemic has given rise to the discovery of many stay-at-home hobbies such as beekeeping.
Did you know that beekeeping is as simple as starting with a starter hive and a package of bees? If you just now learning about beekeeping we have the perfect book for you. Last year Sheri and I were approached by Rockridge Publishing about writing a book for those brand new to beekeeping. We agreed and it was a very enjoyable adventure, husband and wife, writing a book together on what both of us love so much, helping new beekeepers get started.

Backyard Beekeeping: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your First Hive

You have some time to read through our book before spring arrives.

3 LB Packages With Mated Queens
Available Now!
Our customers love how gentle our 3 lb. packages of bees are and how strong the queens perform. Our packages are on sale now. Check them out by clicking here.
Be sure and take our beekeeping course if you are new to beekeeping. Our Online Ultimate Beekeeping Course will help you get started the right way, from the comfort of your home.
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