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2 doubts on feeding

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2 doubts on feeding

Hi! Beginner Beekeeper from Switzerland here.

I have two questions on bees' feeding.

  1. Syrup vs candy: generally some suggestion on what to use when.
    What I know: syrup stimulates more comb building, it's used more in summer/autumn, can be used with any weather. Candy is used more in spring (why?), cannot be used with bad weather (bees cannot get liquids out of it).
    In general, syrup looks "better" to me (it's more versatile), so I'm wondering what the candy's advantages are… (only caged queen feeding?)

  2. How to get brood box-sized honey frames: during the honey season, I would like to store some brood-box-sized honey frames as storage, and use them later for winter. What is the best way to do so? I usually end up with some brood on those frames, and then I cannot store them anymore. Is using queen-excluder-frames the only way?

Thank you very much for any help!!

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