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2 "Dead" Queens

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2 "Dead" Queens

Three days after installing a two packages of bees. I checked the queen cages and the queens looked dead and no bees attending them.

I decided to take the queen cages inside (they weren't moving and bees were ignoring them). After I brought them in,they came back to life. Nights were down in the 20s and no bees keeping them warm.

I let them warm back up, called the place I ordered the bees from. They said to put the queens back in (wouldn't hurt anything to try again), but they thought there might have already been queens in the package when the bees were shaken out and thats why they ignored them.

I went back in 2 days after reinstalling the queen cages and 7 days after the initial package installation and the queens were more attended to, and were starting to have the candy eaten out of the plug (about 3/4 eaten); however, the headscratcher is that there were eggs in some of the cells.

Not sure if there is another queen (tried to not spend too much time in the hive) or if its laying workers.

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