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1st Year Beek; One hive success, One hive failed

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1st Year Beek; One hive success, One hive failed

Hi All,

I’m looking for some insight on how to proceed with my hives for the rest of summer. I started with 2 packages in April and both were off to a great start.

When it came time to adding a second brood box, Hive A did amazing and got all frames drawn by week 3. Hive B had about 4/10 frames drawn but I began noticing loss in productivity from the queen.

Today I inspected them and I’m more and more concerned about hive B. Brood is scarce and I don’t see eggs like I used to. I’m wondering what my options are.

I’m considering accepting the failed hive and hoping an overwintered Hive A will help restart Hive B next season. Is this a good approach or do I have other options?

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