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“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” quoted by Albert Einstein.  

Help the humble honey bee. Beekeepers who are interested in increasing the size of their apiary & willing to help a newbie will be rewarded.

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* Discover how to build a swarm box

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* Hang & learn more about bees.
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A few things Foster Bees are great at…

No matter where you are on your honey bee journey, even if you haven’t even started we are here to help you connect with others. Foster Bees is about growing our bee poputation using our amazing bee community. Our aim is to have bee hives placed all though our community. We will do this by connecting bee keepers, new-bees and bee supporters. Welcome!

Discover The Tricks That Sneaky Bee Keepers Use To Expand Their Apiary Without Spending Money On Bees

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Fires, floods, drought imported diseases, insecticides, weather, neglect, & chemicals all hurt our bee population.

We have come up with a unique solution that will grow our bee population while encouraging & supporting people new to bee keeping.

We are looking for bee movers, bee foster homes & bee supporters, to help support our amazing honey bees, please see below…

New-Bees Use A “Save The Bees” Strategy By Using Someone With Bee Knowledge To Help You Get Started

You are interested in keeping honey bees but don’t have a clue. Worse than that you don’t know anyone else who keeps bees.

Now you can discover an easy, low cost way to bee foster and learn along the way.

We are looking for associations, friends, family, community, schools, guides, scouts etc who want to assist by placing swarm boxes on your property.

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Scout Bees, bee helpful & become a BEE a Supporter

Not ready to commit however would like to learn a little on the way.

You can work with a bee mover or bee foster home so when you are ready you can get your hive up and buzzing.

With you we can take this program around Australia and replace the populations that were killed with the recent floods and fires. 

Do it for the bees, they desperately need your help and so do we. Many hands make light work. Please read more below and join the list or email Kerrie directly if you can either sponsor this site or offer assistance.

Absolutely anything you can do to help 

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Check out our juicy Bee News!

The latest bee news from around the world. Come and join the discussion.

Colony in the wall

So I rescued my first colony that was in a wall at a house being redone. It was much bigger than I anticipated It was kind of rush so I[…]

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what notes do you take for inspections?

I'm so curious what others write down, what systems you use (1 notebook/sheet for each hive, table/free)! I think I once saw someone here writing on duct tape that they[…]

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Bee A Supporter

Scout Bees, bee helpful & become a BEE a Supporter

Not ready to commit however would like to learn a little on the way. You can work with a bee mover or bee foster home so when you are ready you can get your hive up and buzzing.

Swarm Box Creation

Yes, the swarm boxes need to be put together, can you help?

Swarm Box Placement

Once they are together they need to be placed on a suitable tree.

Get Foster Bees Buzzing

Can you help by shareing the word either on or off line.

Foster Bees Administrators

We need online Administrators to assist in matching bee movers with Property Owners

About Foster Bees

Kerrie Mercel & Foster Bees working together to save our bees!

Kerrie is situated between the Gold Coast and Brisbane on an acre the Logan area. “My biggest regret is that I didn’t start keeping bees 30 years ago,” said a very excited Kerrie Mercel. “I sit near my bee hives with a coffee in the morning, about 1 meter away and just watch. Bee are the most amazing creatures.”

“What stopped me from keeping bees 30 years ago was that I didn’t have enough knowledge about what to do, how much work was involved and how much this ever growing hobby would cost.

I didn’t want to make this my profession however as a hobby I didn’t want bee keeping to consume my extra income. With out doubt, bee keeping has been the most rewarding and exciting hobby I have done this century.